The Center for Democracy and Technology is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public policy organization and the leading Internet freedom organization working at the critical edge of policy innovation.

When the Internet was in its infancy, CDT shaped the first legislative choices and court decisions that allowed this technology of freedom to flourish.

Today, we are committed to finding innovative, practical and balanced solutions to the tough policy challenges facing this rapidly evolving medium.

Mission & Principles

CDT’s mission is to conceptualize and implement public policies that will keep the Internet open, innovative, and free.

Preserving the Unique Nature of the Internet: The open, decentralized, and user-controlled nature of the Internet creates unprecedented opportunities for innovation, democratic participation and human development.

Enhancing Freedom of Expression: CDT fights for the right of individuals to communicate, publish and access an unprecedented array of information on the Internet. We oppose governmental censorship and other threats to the free flow of information. We believe that technology tools—not government controls—are the best way to allow families and individuals to make choices about the information they receive on the Internet.

Protecting Privacy: Maintaining privacy on the Internet requires a mix of laws, corporate policies and technology tools giving people control of their personal information.

Limiting Government Surveillance: CDT advocates for stronger legal standards controlling government surveillance, to keep pace with the growing exposure of personal information as digital media have become central to our lives.